Amber's Organics Bio

But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.

1 Corinthians 15:10


Amber's Organics has been blessed by a continual loving trail of wonderful supporters, short term workers and many volunteer helpers who have brought life, creativity and strength to Amber's Organics. I wish to personally thank everyone who has been along side the growth of this herbal world for all contributions that helped this fervent cause become a reality.


Amber's Organics LLC was founded, is owned and is ran solely by Amber Soffea, an inspiring, enthusiastic and honourable English Damsel who seeks knowledge and service to God above all.  Her impressive intellect spikes when presented with challenge which is no doubt why she remains alive today having spent years concocting her own treatment protocols in order to survive a devastating and rare affliction, working along side revered Specialists in order to experiment and manifest a stable outcome. Many think that there is an elaborate team working behind the scenes of this well presented establishment, but no, Amber runs this practically single handed doing everything and this means everything, the enormity of work, concocting, studying, crafting, growing, creating, packing, labeling, designing, filling jars, ordering, bottling, harvesting, seed collecting, cleaning, mixing, making fresh to order products daily, customer service, running her shoppe, stacking shelves, organising, promoting and a multitude of other jobs and still coping with a serious disabling illness herself and battling daily to survive against stacked odds and medical red tape, and to top if off still managing to get her weekly infusion treatments now given at home so she can move around freely with her IV bag whilst pressing on with her work.

"For ever seek the light, for ever seek all fair and lovely things in beauteous forms, all images of excellence and truth"

Medical testing, adversity, challenge and serious trials have become the tedious in her life, to peoples utter amazement she handles it like a heroic story book character. Her standards are set high, her ethics exceed many I have encountered and being a perfectionist there is no "might be" only "must be" in her vocabulary meaning plainly that you will receive the very best she can offer regardless of her own limitations, physical or financial and yet in spirit she  exuberates giving all that she is. I have rarely seen such devotion for an undeniable cause, this well mannered delicate"Earth Warrior" who has a heart filled with goodness, love, unwavering faith and boundless duty to her fellow beings great and small is a shining example of the impossible becoming possible, never giving up, never admitting defeat and never losing sight of the greater outcome, her "vision". Given a death sentence diagnosis many years gone by we see her now finally fulfilling her long acclaimed dream of serving others and contributing in her own knowledgeable and extremely skilled way. Praise be to God for sustaining this noble life, after all "by the Grace of God I live" she says with heartfelt sincerity.

Ethics and Integrity: In the small and caring world of Amber's Organics we aim to please.  We raise our standards high, offering you quality products that are crafted lovingly with dedication, wisdom, knowledge and abundant devotion.  We promote love for our Mother Earth, love for our Brothers and Sisters and love for all creatures great and small, this includes our enthusiastic love of natural plant life.  We believe in a harmonious life upon our planet, nurturing and restoring earth ecology and promoting Christ-like peace.



My vocation is in hands on crafting, creating and personally selling naturally safe, chemical free, organic, high quality products at an affordable cost to the consumer.  I find I am increasingly alarmed at the extortionate prices charged for products "claiming" to be that of an organic nature and of companies falsely "claiming" to care about the environment and yet polluting it freely with their "imposter" organics all in the realms of making themselves vast amount of money from gullible "victims".   I desire to help change this little by little so that we all can have an equal right to buy the very best for ourselves and our families ensuring our health and safety standards are achieved.  We also have a personal responsibility to the environmental cause and should be fully aware and actively involved in reducing harmful chemicals and toxic pollutants so to restore earth fertility and ecological harmony for our on going generations."  Amber Soffea.