Amber's Organics Spa Quality, Freshly prepared Handcrafted Products.
Hand crafted facial masques, exfoliating scrubs & Lip Treatments that are all freshly prepared.

Here we have the perfect solutions for the sensitive faceMy hand-crafted creations are nourished with vital nutrients, botanical extracts, hydrating oils, and exotic clays which are then carefully blended into these unique facial treatments.  I study herbal medicine extensively to ensure I create a  high quality product that balances with delicate skin and sensitive skin issues.  Each exclusive product is made fresh for each new order.  I do not leave my products standing around for months (or even years) on shelves as I believe fresh really is best.  I create each item with dedication, care, time, effort and considerable thought using the purest of organic and nature inspired ingredients.  Each treatment is Individually abundant in organic herbs, medicinal flowers, nutritious spices, ancient detoxifying clays,  soothing nutritious grains and other exceptionally pure,  non irritant,  non toxic 100% pure ingredients.  These are high quality organic spa products at a considerably affordable cost.

My range of organic face masques and scrubs are made from finest organic earth clays beneficially rich in essential nutrients for promoting a glowing, radiant complexion and for eradicating, skin blemishes,  acne,  unevenness,  sagging skin,  spots, wrinkles, scaring and harmful toxins with an added protection from pollutants.  I add no chemicals, or additives they have a long shelf life unless mixed with liquid then they will go stale quickly.  Many of these these are DRY masks that you can add you own spring water  ( preferably slightly warm)  or  you may experiment with mashed fruits, aloe juice, herbal teas, such as chamomile  (my favorite!)  or any other exiting new mixers you can create, these  masque creations will make a fun  night in for the girls!   All products are tested on my own super-sensitive-chemically intolerant skin first.

"My goal is in making, creating and selling naturally safe chemical free organic high quality products at an affordable cost to the consumer regardless of the loss I initially will make.  I find I am increasingly horrified at the extortionate prices charged for products just "claiming" to be that of an organic nature.   I want to help change this so we all can have an equal right to buy the very best for our selves and our families ensuring our own health safety standards are achieved.  We also have a responsibility to environmental cause and should be fully aware and active in reducing harmful chemicals to restore earth quality for on going generations."  Amber Soffea.