Freshly Prepared Powders For Every Body.
Soft, light powder alternatives, no talc, no aluminum, no preservatives, all natural.

Soft, light powder alternatives, no talc, no aluminum, no preservatives, all natural. I love natural and love to create products that will enhance your health and not add to a toxic burden. My carefully, skillfully crafted powders are light and easy to apply, they are only scented with organic essential oils and the pure fragrance of fresh flowers or spices.

NEW! Organic Patchouli Vanilla Beans Powder Talc, corn, perfume, & preservative free

This is a lovely sweetly scented delicate powder for any kind of rash or irritation the essence of patchouli and vanilla beans will sooth and cool.

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Organic Natural Body Mini Sprinkle Powders. New Scents Non-Toxic & Talc Free.

Pure delectable powders made only with the most allergy friendly pure and non toxic ingredients, no talc or chemicals. They are made from cornflour's, tapioca, rice, and/ or baking soda plus ground herbs that add a delicate and sweet scent in only a natural form. Ideal for children, babies and the elderly or any one with severe chemical sensitivity's, allergies, skin conditions too. Makes the skin softer and more radiant whilst adding a delicate scent that lingers.

Note My powders are all GMO free and the peppernint tea tree is also corn free.  

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Organic Sweet Violet Silky Body Powder. Soft Skin & Talc Free!

Amber's Organics Body Powder is a softening, silky-smooth body dusting powder you will absolutely love! It features one of nature’s best deodorizers - baking soda. Add to that super-absorbent cornstarch and soothing Pro-Vitamin B5 to give a long lasting powder fresh feeling all day.  This beautiful Body Powder base is sweet violet scented as an added flair. It is not as old fasioned as you might think.

From $2.00

Organic Ravish-Me-Rosa, Luxury Body Powder. Talc Free!

A new and fabulous rose powder using only the finest ground organic red roses, the beauty of this product is it divine classy Victorian feel, it soothes, smooths the skin and has a light fresh feel- it is anti-aging too with the powerful addition of red sandalwood powder which is used for many skins ailment and anti-aging products.

From $3.50

Organic Lavender Angustifolia Body Powder. Talc Free!

This gentle real lavender infused powder has a calming effect on the skin, it contains no artificial preservative or parabens or talc. It is ideal for the most sensitive skins. It contains naturally antiseptic, mildly anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.


Organic Groovy Patchouli Dusting Body Powder

This gentle blend of Organic rice flour is combined and left to mature with dried organic patchouli and essential oils of Patchouli .  It is a pleasant and soothing blend that glides on the skin leaving a delicate scent (not too over powering) whilst leaving skin smooth silky and feeling lovely~  Rice flour has been used by Chinese woman for centuries for it's beauty benefits it nourishes the skin it does not damage or dry it out.

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Organic Powder Deodorant - The Natural Solution New Scents

My own new natural deodorant is perfect for the super "sensitive" customer.  I made this for it's wholesome natural ability to ward of perspiration in natures own way, a great way to avoid the harmful chemicals that are in so many of store brought deodorants.  My product is a natural powder a little old fashioned but works wonderfully and will cause no harmful skin irritation.  Protecting our under arms with out deodorant chemicals is important for health as well as guarding against breast cancers and the like, most commercial products will not state the harm that can be caused long term.   This could not be safer!


NEW! Warming Foot Stimulating Powder.

Cold weather means our feet are constantly covered with socks and slippers when we’re indoors and shoes and boots when we’re outdoors. This warming foot powder will help keep feet dry, warm, and best of all—smelling fresh and clean. The natural blend also benefits the circulation of the feet.

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NEW! Nature Inspired Neatest, Sweetest Rosebud Powder

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