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Yarrow, Coastal.

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Evergreen perennial native the Oregon and Californian coast, extremely hardy at 20*F  The largest flowered yarrow in the world, with flattened heads that can be as large as 8 inches. Fully aromatic with all the medicinal benefits of  all yarrow plants.

- Yarrow is one of the most popular of herbs for use in herbal medicine
- many herbalists consider that if they were forced to choose only one native plant to use for multi purposes, it would be Yarrow
- Yarrow contains the alkaloid achilleine; occasionally used in present times to stop a menstrual cycle
- crushed roots were put on teeth to help toothaches, a tea from the leaves and stems was used to bathe in for those suffering from rheumatism, an astringent or tonic was also made from the yarrow
- to stop sore throats a concoction of all but the roots was gargled

50 seeds.