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Sour Cherry Almond Butter Bar - Infused Shea & Olive

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Sour cherry juice and almond butter make this delicious bar a constant best seller. The hydrating properties of rich butters and the virgin olive oil nourish the skin leaving it fresh and hydrated, never dry.

Virgin Olive oil has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean to soften and hydrate the skin naturally, and will soothe and calm while nourishing your skin. Olive oil is high in unsaponifiables, which is a large group of compounds called plant steroids or sterolins. They soften the skin, have superior moisturizing effect on the upper layer of the skin and reduce scars.


Ingredients: Organic, virgin Olive Oil, Water, virgin Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic sustainable Palm Oil, Shea Butter, natural fragrance, cherry juice, almonds, Kaolin Clay, Iron Oxide.