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Patchouli, Hemp & French Vanilla

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Best seller today! Not over powering but certainly delicious. Patchouli filled with nutrient rich hemp oil and topped off with French vanilla.

This is a beautiful soothing and sensationally scented soap. It is utterly divine and is filled with pure patchouli oils, French vanilla, rich butters for hydration and nutrient rich hemp oils. It is 100% pure and natural and works well on any skin that needs gentle, soothing scrubbing.  This is not a harsh soap and will not strip out the natural oils but it will add extra healthy moisture.

This Heavenly soap makes a good bath or shower soap and leaves a lingering patchouli French vanilla scent over your body, it is a sure winner with the whole Family.

 My soaps are all CRUELTY FREE!

4 ounce bar