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Organic Seaweed & Kelp Dead Sea Salt Crystal Spa- Detox Anti-Cellulite.

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Seaweed and Kelp bath salts is used to boost the circulation easing the misery of unsightly cellulite. The herbs and oils replenish and nourish the skin and will help treat skin ailments and remove cellulite, soothing, gentle eradicating and cleansing.

Clearing, fortifying, purifying, refreshing, restorative, stimulant, tonic, uplifting

Seaweed and Kelp bath salts helps invigorate and moisturize the skin. Created from harvested seaweed, kelp contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids, while also being antibacterial and antioxidant.


Seaweed and Kelp info , a type of seaweed high in silicon, is believed to keep skin from wrinkling and sagging. Seaweeds such as kelp and agar are used as thickeners in many cosmetics and hair products, especially conditioner. Kelp`s ability to balance and strengthen overall body function helps to promote healthy growth of hair, skin, and nails.

TIP! Massage loose salts over the areas that you have cellulite or uneven skin bumps, this will directly influence the benefits of the Crystal spa bath, softening on contact.

Ingredients: Organic dead sea salts, kelp, seaweed, essential oils of lavender and white grapefruit, safflower oil.