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NEW! Organic "Totally Coconuts" Deep Cleanser Facial Scrub.

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Note. Due to the dissolving properties of this beautiful coconut scrub it is best to apply it with coconut oil, or an oil of your choice.  Coconut oil can be purchsed in tiny bottles for this purpose on the options clickdown.


Organic "Totally Coconuts" Dig Out Dirt Deeper Clean Exfoliating Facial Scrub.

If your face needs a workout this may be the scrub for you. The gritty grain feel deeply exfoliates those dead skin layers leaving your skin vibrant and glowing. The nutrients in coconut is outstanding, making an all coconut scrub works better than expected.Coconut sugar is less hash that organic sugar and can lift dirt right out of those pores. The natural oils in the blend will leave your skin healthier.

Digs out the deepest dirt, cleans blackheads, helps to close open pores, extreme exfoliation, nourishes the skin, softens and smoothes, brings a glow back. Helps liven up dull and uneven skin tones, removes old dead skin cells allowing new ones to regenerate.

No silicones. No sulfates. No parabens. No Preservatives. No GMOs. No Chance!.

Ingredients. Organic blends of all coconut flours, raw  coconut sugar, dried and ground coconut flakes.