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Organic Grapefruit, Cocoa Bean & Coffee Complexion Masque.

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This masque is a coffee lovers dream, it makes a thick gooey masque that smells delicious. It has real organic cocoa bean and real grapefruit that will help nourish and protect the skin from harmful toxins reducing the over all appearance of puffiness, lack of luster, fine lines and wrinkles. The coffee has a tightening affect  drawing the skins natural toning ability into action, while the cocoa brings vital nutrients to replenish and restore the skin layers, the natural de-puffing effect of the caffeine and grapefruit decreases those facial errors that come forth after a good, or bad night out. Try using this before a special even for a sleek skin radiance.   An extra boost of organic goat milk is added to ease inflammation, soften, hydrate and to rejuvenate the complexion giving it a clearer, healthier sheen.  Brightening Bentonite clay has the most impressive properties in skin improvement, it has the ability to naturally lighten and brighten the skin, naturally.

"Masque up" for a refreshed and decreased puffy complexion. 


INGREDIENT: Organic fresh ground coffee, organic cocoa powder, powdered goat milk, bentonite clay, pink grapefruit essential oil


Just add water!

Take 1 Tbsp dry mask and add 1-1/2 Tbsp liquid (water, milk, or even cooled coffee for an extra boost). Stir until you have a thin paste and apply to your clean skin. Leave on for 15 minutes or until dry. Apply a warm, wet washcloth to your face and leave on until the mask has softened, wiping slowly. Finish with a few warm splashes and one cold one.

Love me, puff free!

Use this masque only once every week or two.