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Organic Strawberry & Coconut Clay- Brightening Facial Foodie Scrub

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The facial foodie delight. Why eat it, just scrub it!

Made with real organic Strawberry powder, delicious flaked coconut and coconut milk powder. This delightfully fragrant scrub gently buffs away flaky skin while natural AHA’s break down dulling build-up to unclog pores and prevent blackheads. It improves skin's overall texture by revealing healthy, glowing skin. The strawberry also gently lightens the skin leaving your face younger looking and fresher.

Coconut milk is fast becoming a natural skin care ingredient. It has a very high fat content and is also very high in natural fatty acids. Fatty acids are natural antiseptic that gently deep cleans impurities perfect even for ultra sensitive skin. It has been confirmed by skincare experts that topical use of coconut milk can help cure some skin conditions. Coconut milk, when used with cleansers can take away dirt and oil from the skin. It creates a clean, soft, and smooth complexion. Coconut milk gently exfoliate the top skin layer while leaving the next layer smooth and supple.

Tip! For super smooth skin, try using coconut oil or coconut milk (or both) as your mixed, it works in perfect harmony with the ingredients.

Contains, organic pink rose clay, cornmeal, strawberry powder, pure coconut, raw sugar, coconut flakes & powder, kaolin clay, hibiscus powder, beetroot powder.