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NEW! Organic Virtue in Violet Spring Tonic - Highly Nutritious Blend

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The accounts of their uses abound for all the violets. As far back as 1885, a study compared violet leaf vitamin C content to that of oranges and vitamin A content to that of spinach. From the basal leaves, if collected in spring, this early research reported that violets contain twice as much vitamin C as the same weight of orange and more than twice the amount of vitamin A, gram for gram, when compared with spinach! (Erichsen-Brown, 1979).

Early European recipes made syrup of the blossoms and traditionally it was used as a laxative for infants and children (Grieve, 1996). Sweet violet, also, has a long history of use as a cough remedy, especially bronchitis, and functions as an expectorant, as well as an anti-inflammatory (Hoffman, 2003).

Many of the older European-based herbalists, such as Grieve, who first published A Modern Herbal in 1931, and De Bairacli Levy (1973), note that violet has been used, historically, for the treatment of cancer. In America, there are accounts of Native Americans utilizing violet for cancer treatment (Erichsen-Brown, 1979). To my surprise, the American National Cancer Institute has been made aware of the folk uses of violets for cancer since at least the 1950s. (Erichson-Brown, 1979).

Dandelion leaf, nettle leaf, red clover, violet and mint (peppermint and a tad of spearmint). This is a highly nutritious tea to bring some spring joy back into your step. Take when your are run down, over stressed, recovering from illness or in need of some extra energy and focus. It works as a wonderful recovery tea for just about anything.  It is a delightful blend that can be drunk throughout the day,  and made into an iced tea for a refreshing tea to serve amongst friends out in the garden.Try it with carbonated water...nice!