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Organic Mullein SOLAR Salve - Effective For Hemorrhoids.

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Amber's Organics Mullein salve is made from Mullein flowers (Verbascum thapsus) infused in organic Olive oil, added then to beeswax and pure coconut oil with a touch of Vitamin E oil to act as a mild preservative. One of the most popular oils used to help us fend off ear infections. Also makes a great topical oil for skin conditions, including sores and boils.

Wounds: Mullein can be used to help wounds heal when applied externally.

Ear infections: Mullein may be used to treat ear infections.

Hemorrhoids: Mullein may be used to treat hemorrhoids.

Mullein is a useful ingredient in salves for relaxation and pain relief. I created a simple salve of mullein for my own use and was delighted to find that it worked well as an instant reliever of pain for small cuts and scraps, and was also an effective rub for sore muscles and relaxation.


2.4 oz jar. Store in cool dark place.