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NEW! Organic "Get on my nerve" The Quad Effect Tonic

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Allow this gentle remedy to "get on your nerve" to sooth and restore balance. A harmonious balance of 4 potent herbs that work in perfect ratio for the health of your over stressed nervous system.  Non addictive formula.

The milky oat tops provide mild nourishment to strengthen the nerves. Both oats and skullcap are indicated for nervousness, exhaustion, some types of headaches, overcoming addiction and restless sleep. Skullcap is also anti-spasmodic and helps relax tense muscles. Holy basil is a crucial adaptogenic (stress alleviating) herb valued in Ayurveda (Indian) medicine for its antioxidant properties. Holy basil has been revered as the "cure all" when nothing else will work.Lemon balm is a soother to nerves and mood, calming and restoring balance whilst adding a hint of flavour to the medicinal mix.

Take 3 droppers up to three times a day.