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Safe non toxic cleaning products.

How we clean our homes is as important as how we furnish our home, with my natural products cleaning your home need not be a burden to your environment  At Amber's Organics I have been working on a line of natural cleaning products for every day use, improving all the time and working hard to supply you with, somewhat old fashioned at times, but safe products that really do clean, leaving a healthy freshness in your home.

I use selected essential oils with high anti-bacterial actions to guard your home from germs, the fragrance of the products are usually quite unique.



Organic Lavendula Room Spray, Non Toxic!

The purest most simple and effective spray you can use, safe for all and lovely to use. Can be used as a body spray too.


Back to Basics Lavender Lemon Baking Soda Cleanser

Stubborn stains can be can be removed by applying a layer of baking soda Lavender Lemon Cleanser and then using a damp sponge . I found this to work particularly well on a water stains in a sink that couldn't be shifted otherwise without the use of heavy duty chemicals and scratching the surface.

From $6.00

All Natural "What, no Window!" Cleaner & General Purpose Spray.

What a weird name, right?  I admit it took me by surprise but once I started using this I understood that no other name could suit it, plus my beloved Husband just had to try it too, he called out to me and shouted " Honey, I cannot even see the window now it is so clean, woooow" and that was it... an apt name and great product is born!

Orig.: $6.99
Sale: $6.50

All Natural Pure Free Green - Cleaning Spray. Mulitpurpose.

A natural essential oil filled anti-bacterial spray for general cleaning around your home, great for windows and bathrooms too. Safe, non toxic but very effect and wonderfully fragrant.


Orig.: $7.00
Sale: $6.50

Natural Hand Cleanser & Cleaning Solution.

This delightfully fragrant and effectively anti-bacterial, cleaning solution can be used on windows, mirrors, floors, some carpet/clothing/upholstery stains, chrome, as a rinse after using baking soda, cleaning stainless steel and porcelain or to clean toilet areas. Also cleans car windows/mirrors, door handles, and much more. You can also keep some in the car and use it as a hand cleaner.


IMPROVED! Organic Herbal Flea/ Bug repellant Carpet Powder.

A fresh natural smelling herbal mix that contains only a choice selection of herbs and oils to help repel fleas and bugs and keep your carpet fresh!


Organic ECO Friendly Safe Detergent Soap Nuts in Muslin Bag. Biodegradable

An amazing new product that replaces commercial laundry detergents with a natural soap that literally grows on trees! You may not be aware, but the laundry room is one of the most toxic rooms in the home. Commercial laundry detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets contain alarmingly high levels of toxic chemicals well known to cause cancer, liver disorders, neurological disturbances and hormone disruption. Yet we all go there in need of clean clothes. We actually wash our clothes in these dangerous chemicals and then wear them around all day, allowing the chemicals in the clothes to penetrate our skin and enter our bloodstream where they cause serious harm. And to top it all off, all those toxic chemicals get flushed downstream where they contribute to the destruction of ocean ecosystems, including all the various life forms that depend on it.

From $2.50

Tips for a cleaner home.

All-purpose Spray Cleaner: Combine in a spray bottle: 1/2 tsp Washing Soda, 1/2 tsp Borax, 1/2 tsp vegetable oil-based soap, 2 Tbsp vinegar and 2 cups of hot water. Shake well until all the solid bits have dissolved. For extra cleaning power increase Borax to 1 tsp. Spray and wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge.

 Mold: To kill mold use full-strength vinegar. To keep mold under control spray with diluted vinegar on a regular basis.

 Musty Smells: Combine 1 tsp of tea tree oil and 1 cup of water in a spritzer bottle. Spray the area, but don't wipe it off. In a couple of days the smell should be gone and the tea tree oil will have dissipated. If not...repeat for a couple of more days.

 Moisture Problems: Mold and mildew thrive in moist, warm areas. To keep these areas under control place out bowls of unscented kitty litter to absorb the moisture. Replace these once a week.

  Mildew in books: Place some cornstarch in a sprinkle container and sprinkle the cornstarch onto the pages lightly. Let it sit for a few hours and then wipe and shake clean.

Cutting Boards: To get rid of strong odors on cutting boards, wipe them with vinegar or baking soda or lemon slices or celery. This also works on countertops. For countertops only, a few drops of essential oil of lemon thyme in a cup of water and spritzed on the surface and then wiped, works well too.


In a world of un-natural compounds and chemicals we are ill informed as to the harmful effects that they may and are, having upon our bodies. I was made seriously ill in my early teens by an exposure to agent orange and dioxins used to rid the forests of foliage. These act harmfully on the nervous system and leave long standing nerve damage. I was never told why or how this came about but in the long upward struggle with my own  health decline I researched to become ultimately informed in hopes of spreading awareness to others.

The worst chemical offenders can be indoor pollutants, with the high levels of formaldehydes, and toxic materials in walls, furnishings and carpets.  These can "out-gas" over a period of years causing severe respiratory, digestive, immunological and nervous systems disorders, so, it is advisable to used old "gassed off" furnishings or more natural alternatives to protect not only you but your family's well-being.  Milk, organic and nursery paints make a welcome choice for decorating, you can even make your own completely safe paints, I too have tried this with excellent results *I have a paint recipe for those interested. Also, natural untreated wood floors or organic linoleum has to be a firm favorite for flooring, choose the most simple untampered with materials and research throughly if you are not sure. 

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