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Amber's Organics LLC Medical Herb Seed A-Z
Amber's Organics LLC aims to produce sustainable organic gardens at an afford able cost to the greater benefit of our own environments, communities and self-reliance practices.

Revive your garden with my abundant array of medical herb seeds, from then on you will have the chance to produce your own apothecary right outside your door, a healing domain. We all need and seek sanctuary, a chance to regain a positive level of hope and control over our own environments and our bombarded health. These seeds will flourish into a wonderful array of healthful, beneficial herbs and will become a complete sustainable garden in time filled with therapeutic, nourishing and health restoring properties galore. Each unique herb has a history of healing, their testimonies speak volumes down the centuries, these were our original medicines and need to be revered highly. Most seeds germinate easily are easy to grow, they will be shipped with instructions such as small booklets or information sheets. Please feel free to ask any questions and contact me if you wish to contribute any herb stories of healing, gardening experiences and tips to our newsletter each month: ambersorganics@aol.com or text me at my (210) 2677326 number, at a reasonable hour, please.

These seeds are open pollinated, untreated and harvested as freshly as possible. These vigorous seeds are stated as certified organic. We believe the closer to nature the better the growing result.

NOTE! Please use under supervision or with careful responsibility when taking medical herbs, they are potent and effective remedies not to be taken lightly or to be misused, having said that they are extremely effective when used with caution. Please check to see compatibility with any medication you are taking and with your health care practitioner.  Amber's Organics promotes the responsible use of herbs.


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Notification: your packet of seeds contains organic product. This product therefore comes to you in completely natural form, without hormones or other chemical agents and contaminants intended to "enhance" what nature provides you. While we typically experience successful germination ranging from 20% to 85% of total seeds planted, no guarantee can be made as to the natural yield you will experience. Also, your seeds were packaged in a facility containing other seeds and organic plant matter. While great care has been taken to ensure that you receive the freshest, purest organic seeds possible, occasionally seed packets contain other organic matter not intended for packaging. Thank you for your interest, we wish you the best of luck in your natural plant growing experience!

Disclaimer: Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease.

Compresses and Poultices: A compress is basically a cloth soaked in herbal decoction or infusion that is applied to painful areas. Use Comfrey for sports type injuries, Plantain for insect bits and bee stings, St. John's Wort and Rosemary for pain relief and Chamomile for cramp relief. A poultice is made by placing a cup of the chosen herb in a heat tolerant bowl, pouring boiling water over the herbs and allowing to steep until the herbs have cooled enough to be tolerated by the skin.
Place a clean cotton cloth over the infected area, then place the warm/semi hot herbs on top of the cloth and cover with another piece of cotton cloth. Keep the poultice in place until the herbs have cooled down completely. Discard the herbs and wash the poultice cloths before reusing. Best results are obtained when poultices are applied 3 times a day.

Suppositories and Boluses
You can make a natural suppository using powdered herbs and cocoa butter. To make a suppository should warm cocoa butter to a liquid state in a double boiler and stir in the powdered herbs as it cools. When it is mixed well put into the refrigerator to harden. Roll this out to be about 3/4 of an inch thick. Cut into 3/4 of an inch strips. These are used in the rectum and the vagina to treat infections and irritations. They can also be used for tumors in these areas.
Generally the herbs used in suppositories are astringents such as white oak bark or bayberry bark; and demulcent healing herbs like comfrey root or slippery elm; and antibiotic herbs like garlic and Goldenseal. Goldenseal is really a great one for this as it combines astringent, tissue healing, and antibiotic qualities all in one.
Do not use more than 6 suppositories in a day, or for more than a week at a time. If condition has not cleared up in this time, you should consult your physician.

Seeds Policy. Many factors influence the performance of seed such as temperature, light, water, weather, storage and the skill of the grower that are out of the control of Amber's Organics LLC. In other words, a grower can cause high-germination rate, viable seed to fail. Nevertheless, we unconditionally guarantee all our seed for 30 days from date of purchase and will accept returns on seeds for any reason for 30 days. If a portion of seed is returned, we will accept returns on a prorated basis. See below for details. We do not accept returns on seeds after 30 days from purchase for any reason.